Steffen Jagenburg’s broad artistic practice as a photographer has been shaped by his own experiences of the world as well as by seeing the world reflected in the people who live in it. Just as gradients of colour seep into shades and tones, so do, in his eyes, characters and situations meld with their environments, creating a unique harmony that he seeks to capture, in essence, in the images he takes. His outlook is marked by transient moments and the selves that people portray in brief instances. Often focusing in on minute details, his subtle still photography has a rather tranquil feel. More recently his photographic work may be defined by striving to push beyond his previous preoccupation with portraiture and people, framing nature, and more elements from the social environments we inhabit, and the traces people leave behind. Jagenburg is interested in interpreting hypersensitive traditional conceptions of beauty, he is influenced by the so-called banal, the everyday, and his work reflects on how it can speak about societal praises and problems.

Eleanor Taylor, 2017