Thank You

Annette Apel for this website

Juliane Solmsdorf for her sweet love and inspiration
Mo Whiteman for his beautiful words

Susanne Bransch for her thoughtful attention

Nicolaus Schafhausen: Mit Dir immer Hunger

Christine Schmidt: Reflections on my theme

Sylvia Jagenburg for 17 Jahre, 17 Tage

Karin Schwettmann for being into details and not
Christoph Onnen for Thursday night dinners

Yvonne Quirmbach for my last cigarette

Heike Hartmann for standing by my side

Todd Schulz for so, so many things

Justus Köhncke: Du bist Musik

Daniel Moeck for his patience

Jelka von Langen: Jelka, Flora, Kameradin

Hans Nieswandt for blowing my mind

Gerit Godlewsky for always making it all the way from Cologne

Estelle Klawitter for taking my hand when I was 22

Eric D. Clark for "Instrumentals like I do"

Christoph Konopatzki for my soundtrack of change
Angelique Hoorn: Sweet memory Amsterdam

Sabrina Schleicher for Straßenköter and other fabulous appreciations