Welcome to Steffen Jagenburg.

My practice as a photographer and filmmaker, as a storyteller, is marked by the selves that people, places and things portray to me in brief instances.

Often focusing in on minute details, I love my style to have a rather tranquil, subtle and devoted feel, while, in my eyes, characters and situations meld with their environments, creating a unique harmony that I seek to capture, in essence, in my visual work.

I am interested in the so-called banal, the everyday, and I want my work to reflect on how it can speak about praises of the authentic, framing more elements from the cultural, social and economic environments we inhabit, and the traces we leave behind.

In applying these capacities, my work contributed to assignments and collaborations around the globe with Adidas, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Coca Cola, DDB, EnBW, Fogo Island Arts, Die Grünen, HSBC, IBM, Johnson&Johnson, Kunsthalle Wien, Leroy Merlin, Morgan Stanley, Nationale Suisse, Ogilvy, La Poste de France, reCampaign, Schiesser, Travel&Leisure, UBS, Volksbühne, Witte de With, Y&R and Zeit Magazin, among others.

This website is here to inspire. Please dig in and make a find.